How To Convince Your Boss You Need Workplace Flu Vaccinations

When influenza rears its ugly head on a seasonal basis each year, everyone (hopefully) understands the importance of early immunization via getting the seasonal shot. If you share an office with lots of people, then you might want to ask your boss to organize workplace flu vaccinations.

There are numerous benefits to going this route, but it may take some convincing to get your boss to see the light. Let’s take a look at how to convince your boss what its worthwhile to invest in a workplace flu vaccination scheme.


1.   Appeal to their greed

The one common thing that ties all business leaders is their eagerness to operate in the leanest way possible, eliminating redundancies that cost time money. Obviously, employees getting infected with influenza and taking multiple day or even weeks off work is going to have an economic impact on the business as you are able to produce less than you normally would.

Workplace flu vaccinations mean that all employees can be immunized collectively at the same time, which means that they won’t be able to infect one another during the course of the influenza season. Rather than trusting employees to all get the shot in their own time and have inconsistent levels of immunization across the workforce, this all-in-one scheme means that you can sort through everyone in a single day and put the matter behind you.

Obviously, when everyone in the office is immunized at the same time, none of them are going to fall ill due to the seasonal bug and take time off work. While competitors might be having people take time off for the seasonal bug, the team at your firm will be happy and healthy – being productive as possible.


2.   Appeal to their sense of duty

If you have a boss who likes to style themselves as a charismatic and fun person, then they are also the kind of boss who, at least on some level, cares about their reputation and how employees see them. Asking your boss to organize workplace flu vaccinations can appeal to their sense of duty to look out for their employees and offer an easy means to get immunized through their job.

If they are the kind of boss who always wants to be popular with the troops, then they will understand the appeal of taking the initiative in regard to the health of their employees. Lots of people find getting the shot a chore, so knowing that they can get it at work without annoying them in their spare time will also make the boss more popular.

This kind of boss would leap at this kind of opportunity to demonstrate their god-like benevolence, and you should encourage them to indulge in it because it will ultimately benefit you and your co-workers. Workplace flu vaccinations are a great way for the boss to bring everything together for something not directly work related and build a team spirit through the experience of all getting jabbed together.


3.   Appeal to their common-sense

If all else fails, then your last hope is to simply appeal to the common-sense of your boss and show them that workplace flu vaccinations simply make the most sense. They should realise that allowing their workforce to become victimized by seasonal bugs isn’t going to be good for their bottom line.

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