People Behind The Success

We thank our team members for the hard work and efforts they put into making this blog successful and useful for the visitors: Here are some of the critical members of our team:


My name is Loane, and I join the small group of the blog. I got my bachelor’s degree option audio-visual cinema option oppressive and optional. My domain is that of film analysis and theory. I had the opportunity to meet some of the big names in cinema, and it’s been a passion since I was 16 years old. I have two short films to my credit at the post of light and some editions of the newspaper for a film festival in double post light and sound.


Like all the editors of the site, I am a real passionate of cinema, and that since my adolescence. A student in the field in this area for three years now I plan to turn later to teaching, wishing to transmit and share my passion. As a cinema enthusiast first and foremost, I am happy to be part of the Learn Cinema team to deliver a theoretical approach to this art, through analyses of works and currents.


I am a student at ESRA school in Paris. I practice drums for about ten years, three of them professionally as a musician and teacher. I am happy to associate my musical skills with those of the cinema to propose a not better vision of the audiovisual world but different.